Nice to know about our practice…


  • Our practice is accessible for normal sized wheelchairs


  • In our practice we speak Dutch, English, Russian, Ukraine’s, Turkish, Urdu, Armenian and Bulgarian.


  • Some of the treatments are adaptable to the financial possibilities of our patients.


  • In case of very expensive treatment it is possible that after consultation to make the payment in instalments.


  • We use solar energy!



We use solar energy!


Sustainability is something we value highly. In 2012 we made our first step in the use of solar energy.  Dental practice Grinberg is constantly working to optimize our quality and using modern equipment.


Opening Hours







Saturday and Sunday closed



Beeklaan 322

2562 AW Den Haag


Tel: 070-3635265

Fax: 070-3658153



Public transport to reach us;

Tram 3 or 12 en bus 21.






8.15 – 21.00

8.15 – 18.00

8.15 – 20.00

8.15 – 18.00

8.15 – 20.00




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