For factoring of the invoices we use Netpoint Factoring B.V. at Kaatscheuvel.


After treatment we will send your invoice to Netpoint, they will claim it of your dental insurance known in our practice.

If your insurance pays Netpoint completely you will hear nothing from Netpoint but will receive a notice from your insurance.

If there is a part you are not insured for, or you are over your yearly limit Netpoint will send an invoice of the outstanding amount to your ( e-mail) address.

Please make sure your current address, telephone number and e-mail is always up to date



Not insured


If you are not insured or you just have a basic insurance you have to make payment in our practice after every treatment.

You can do this by pin or cash.

Before the treatment the dentist can make an estimate for you so you will know beforehand what the cost will be ( this will be the cost of an consultation and X-rays if necessary)

If the amount of the estimated treatment is to high to make a payment in full it is possible to discuss  payment in installments.



For more information you can always reach us by telephone.



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