Cerec Crowns


Placement of a crown has never been so easy! A scan will be made of your teeth and together with your dentist you can see the 3D picture. Together you can disgusts the treatment that is necessary. In most cases it is possible to do this within 1/2 hours time.

A treatment with the Cerec system will save you time and high cost.





This is a method to make the teeth whiter. The basis of the formula is a chemical oxygenate solution that works on the pigments modules that in time been left behind in the enamel.

Make an appointment with one of our qualified hygienist for more information.




Are your teeth crooked? Is the color changed or you don't like the shape? Then placing of facings could be a solution for you. Facings are thin shields of composite that are placed over your teeth. With using a facing you can also reduce or completely close space between your teeth, fill in broken corners of your teeth or anything else you want to make invisible for the eye.



Frame Prothesis


A frame prothesis is a replacement for when you are missing one or more teeth in your mouth. The frame is made of metal covered  with artificial resin.

Discuss this possibility with your dentist during your 6 monthly checkup or make an appointment for more information and an estimate.




Implantation is offering you a long lasting and reliable solution for the replacement of missing teeth. An implant is an titanium screw witch you can compare with the root of the missing tooth. The screw is placed where once your natural root was.

After a “crowing” period where the root is in bedded in your gum a made to measure crown, bridge or pro these will be placed.


Prevention and Oral Hygiene


In our practice we have several professional hygienist for the cleaning of your teeth and to remove tartar. If you have a paradoxic problem like deep pockets or bleeding gums the hygienist can give you a deep cleaning and advice on how to keep your gums, and therefore your teeth healthy. It's important that you come for a check up and treatment twice in a year. It is possible to make a combination for this on the same day.


Endo Under a Microscope


Rootchanneltreatment (endo) is a precise procedure where all the channels of a root are to be found and filled. The use of a microscope means the dentist has a sharp and exact picture of every detail needed for the procedure, allowing the dentist to work in an efficient and precise manner.

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